Saturday, January 28, 2017

Renewing Your Auto Insurance

First time car owners will be in for a surprise when they receive notice that they need to renew their car insurance. Those who have registered their brand new vehicles for three years thought the insurance they paid when buying the car would also be good for three years.

But it is not!

Car insurance needs to be renewed annually and new car owners should follow the schedule to avoid financial problems should they get involved in accidents... more to come!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The importance of car insurance

Do I really have to tell you the importance of car / auto insurance? Everybody knows why a car owner should have an insurance. It's for emergency cases. Having a car insurance means not having headaches when your car figures in accidents.

Choosing the right auto insurance, however, can be very taxing. You have to select a trustworthy, reliable company that can give you the right auto insurance quotes, otherwise, you could end up in the hands of illegitimate auto insurance companies.

How much is an auto insurance cost depends on your insurance coverage. The bigger the coverage, the more expensive the car insurance will be. But as i've said, auto insurance are needed when registering your car and when you figure in accidents.

Choose your car insurance wisely and get your auto insurance quotes only from legitimate, trustworthy, and proven reliable auto insurance companies.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New York Auto Insurance Rates Decline

The median six-month auto insurance rate in the state of New York has decreased more than 20 percent since the beginning of 2009 to reach $970.25, according to™.

New York rate statistics:

-- Men in New York pay a median auto insurance rate almost 12 percent
higher than women.
-- Drivers in New York 19 years of age or younger pay a median auto
insurance rate that is over 100 percent higher than drivers age 60 to 74.
-- New York auto insurance rates declined just over two percentage points
more than the national median, which declined 18.1 percent over the same
-- A New York driver who pays the six-month median rate of $970.25 and
earns the New York median annual income of $42,414 pays approximately 4.58
percent of his or her gross income for auto insurance. By this
"affordability factor," New York is the 5th most expensive state to insure
a vehicle. Currently, Massachusetts is the most affordable with a factor of
1.96 percent, while Louisiana is the most expensive with a factor of 6.70